Always there to leave a lasting impression when it comes to commercial projects. In today’s world, commercial buildings are becoming more intricate and complex as time passes by. To meet this growing demand, Jotun offers a commercial product portfolio like no other. Everything from primers to topcoats for both exterior and interior, each finish will leave your space more beautiful and vibrant than before. Our range of premium products, offer long lasting interior and exterior protection, while providing beautiful end result.
Product and service highlights:
  • - Choose from a wide variety of paint colours
  • - Eco-friendly products to achieve environmentally-sustainable credits
  • - Dedicated sales and service team to support the client team
  • - Protective coatings for steel and concrete, decorative coatings, passive fire protection coatings and powder coatings
  • - A worldwide network of production facilities and supply points

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Majestic Design Diamond

Majestic Design Diamond is a premium interior textured crystal emulsion design paint which gives a diamond sparkle finish and glittery effects that immediately adds glamour and wow-effect to your walls.

Majestic Design Prestige

Majestic Design Prestige is a premium interior semi opaque emulsion design paint which is ideal to create a luxurious metallic finish that dramatically illuminates the already captivating home.

Majestic Design Pearl

Majestic Design Pearl is a premium interior semi opaque emulsion design paint which is ideal to create stylish walls with a pearlescent finish that adds a lustrous and elegant touch.

Majestic Perfect Beauty & Care

Come alive with rich and majestic colours for your home