Provide a surrounding that reflects a sense of serenity, trust and comfort for your healthcare institution. Jotun understands that, when patients and visitors arrive at the facility, they need to be able to feel safe and warm in the well being of the patients. To cater to this, our range of specially designed healthcare products provide the safest, health-supportive environment for patients and visitors alike. In addition, we understand healthcare premises are prone to infectious and contagious microbes, and with that our special products offer anti-fungal and anti-bacteria properties that are suitable for such environments.
 Product and service highlights:
  • - Air quality is preserved during application and drying – incidents of respiratory irritation caused by exposure to fumes is virtually non-existent
  • - Virtually no odour after application
  • - Wide range of colours to choose from
  • - Virtually no emanating harmful substances, making it one of the safest paints available in the market today
  • - Accredited with International Green Label standard – Singapore Green Label

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Majestic Perfect Beauty & Care

Come alive with rich and majestic colours for your home

Majestic True Beauty Sheen

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Majestic True Beauty Matt

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Majestic Primer

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