Inspire your home with over 8000 unique and vibrant colours to choose from as part of the Jotun collection. Each palette is more than just a colour, it’s a personality that allows you to create a space of beauty. Jotun is the region’s most experienced paint supplier to the residential sector, with an exceptional product portfolio and dedicated supply team, we are the best partner for your residential projects. Our range of exterior emulsion paint provide protection, even in diverse climatic conditions.
Product and service highlights:
  • - Durable, reliable and smooth finish 
  • - Good spread rate and colour retention
  • - An array of 8,000 colours available to choose from
  • - Full range of colour design services are offered - we can assist your construction staff in colour presentation, sampling, scheme development and custom matching
  • - We can offer products with low VOC/low odour content in all product categories

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Majestic Design Diamond

Majestic Design Diamond is a premium interior textured crystal emulsion design paint which gives a diamond sparkle finish and glittery effects that immediately adds glamour and wow-effect to your walls.

Majestic Design Prestige

Majestic Design Prestige is a premium interior semi opaque emulsion design paint which is ideal to create a luxurious metallic finish that dramatically illuminates the already captivating home.

Majestic Design Pearl

Majestic Design Pearl is a premium interior semi opaque emulsion design paint which is ideal to create stylish walls with a pearlescent finish that adds a lustrous and elegant touch.

Majestic Perfect Beauty & Care

Come alive with rich and majestic colours for your home