Discover our latest Colour Trends 2018 with three distinct rhythms for contemporary interiors.

City Motions

Bold statements aren’t always loud ones. City Motions is inspired by Copenhagen and London, Brooklyn and Berlin – all pockets of modernity, brimming with creative culture.

Silent Serenity

Silent Serenity is a nomadic palette that interweaves cultures, taking its cues from natural light, open air and soft earth.

Lush Garden

Shades of blue and green that exude the restorative power of nature. This palette carries the spirit of these surroundings, creating a calming sense of sanctuary.

Almond Beige


Artist Clay




Blushing Peach


Dark Teal


Dusky Blue


Dusty Rose




Evening Green


Golden Bronze


Green Tea


Hipster Brown


Icy Blue


Industrial Blue




Nordic Breeze


Norwegian Wood




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A world of wonders

Our latest kids’ collection was inspired by the kids themselves. We used their stories, their favourite colours, and their opinions to design three wonderful themes.  The perfect colours and palettes for a child’s room, inspired by children.

Sky Rainbow

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived eight beautiful sky colours. They were all brothers and sisters and lived peacefully with each other. But they always wanted to know what was the meaning of their colour. And so, they decided to travel all the way to Rainbow World to meet the King and Queen. Once they reached, they asked the King, “What is the meaning of our colour?” The King replied, “You are the most special colours. You are clouds and when you live happily together, you create the rainbow in the sky.” The eight colours were delighted to hear this. And they went back to their home and lived happily ever after.

A collection of sky-powdered blues, peaceful lilac pinks, fluffy cotton greens and neutrals blending seamlessly to provide a calm and soothing environment for your child.

The Three Little Dots

Once upon a time, there lived three little dots that were the best of friends. Their names were Red, Blue and Teal. They never spent a moment without each other and always played together every day. Then one day, they heard about a very important competition. It was a race and they decided to participate in it. So, they ran as fast they could. Red won. Because Red was powerful. But Blue was sad that he lost and started crying. And Teal who never ran at all, felt sorry for him. So, he gave Blue a candy to cheer him up. It worked. Blue stopped crying and they were all friends again. The end.

A palette of wild reds, deep ocean blues and calming teals, to showcase the wild, young spirit and the innocence that goes along with it.

Dinosaurs & Lollipops

Thousands and thousands of years ago, there was a purple dinosaur who lived all by himself in a big, beautiful garden. In that garden, there was a giant yellow tree that grew marshmallows in every colour. And it was lovely. But one day, it started growing lollipops. And that made the dinosaur very, very happy because he loved lollipops more than anything else in this world. His favourite was peach and pink and he could never stop at one. He was a bit greedy. He ate so many lollipops at the same time his stomach started to hurt. But the doctor arrived and made him feel better. And so, the dinosaur lived happily ever after eating lollipops all his life.

A warm, wild and dreamy palette of purples, peaches and pinks, to make her feel like a princess of her own magical kingdom.

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