The Louvre, a well-known art museum located in Paris, has made its move to Abu Dhabi. Jotun Super Durable powder coating was used to give the building stronger protection while maintaining a friendly and visually pleasing design. The interiors were coated with Fenomastic Hygiene to protect against fungal and bacterial growth. The flooring was made seamless and impact resistant with Jotafloor PU Universal and Jotafloor EPC 300.
Products used:
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Fenomastic Hygiene

Our most hygienic paint

Jotashield ColourLast

Premium quality exterior paint

The Cool Shades Collection

The Cool Shades Collection offers an innovative and sustainable way to reduce temperatures and energy consumption

Jotun Super Durable

Friendly on design and tough on protection, Jotun Super Durable is the ideal product for sustainable architectural projects