Product Description

Architecture is more than art, it is a defining characteristic of an ever-changing culture. Today, there is a great focus on blending function with design to create environments with a ‘sense of place’ that inspire and empower people. At Jotun, we want to keep you on top of these emerging industry trends and push your creative limits. That’s why we have created the Architectural Trends Collection. A range of powder coatings inspired by five key industry movements that add light and shade to help highlight focal points, evoke emotion and add texture to your designs. Discover the trends shaping the future of architecture.

"Less is more"

A hot trend lately is the optimization of small spaces. People are wanting to feel connected to the outside world, yet find refuge from it too.  With the decrease in space within bustling urban centers, micro living allows people to enjoy intimate settings without sacrificing on spaciousness. By using high ceilings, larger windows, built-in storage and flexible furniture systems, even the tiniest space can feel expansive.

“Harmonious with nature”

The perfect balance between functional projects and green spaces. Giving new meaning to “green architecture”, Vertical Forests are now being used within high-density cities to evoke a sense of calmness and relaxation. With city dwellers feeling the squeeze of their spaces, Vertical Forests offer a refreshing change through sprawling plant life, cascading foliage and garden rooftops.

“Sustainably smart”

Architecture that is based around our environment. Eco Structures represent a growing trend to incorporate functional yet sustainable benefits into the architectural design principles of a project. Solutions such as wind funnels, curtain façades and solar panels are just a few of the examples of how architecture is becoming more sustainable.

“A touch of luxe”

Gold tones that warm up a space, reflect surfaces and allow light to bounce. Trending colours such as rose gold, copper and brass, are being used everywhere in the design world, from art, fashion and beauty and interior design. Designers are starting to rethink the relationship between architecture and art by using gold as an accent colour or contrasting it with textural materials such as wood or smoked glass to create a variety of different feels.

“Environments that engage”

This trend focuses on creating spaces that offer an arena for human interaction. Places that break down both physical and psychological barriers and encourage engagement and interaction with others. Artists and architects are now collaborating to create transitional spaces that combine interaction, design, architecture and media arts to shift the culture of public architecture as a tool for social change.