A car park is a customer’s first interaction with a building. It’s the place that marks the beginning (as well as the end of their journey), so it needs to make a good impression. A bright, colourful and well-lit car park will lift a driver’s mood, make them feel welcome and more excited about the experience ahead.

Jotun’s COMPLETE CAR PARK SOLUTION is a one-of-a kind collection of innovative paints created to protect and breathe life into car parks, turning navigation and parking into a pleasure for drivers.

Jotashield Carbo

Designed and tested for car parks

Jotafloor PU Universal

For flexible, seamless and waterproof membrane coating

Jotafloor Glass Flake HS

For areas of high traffic, Jotafloor Glass Flake HS which is a reinforced epoxy covers and protects floors, preserving them for longer periods of time